5 Powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny

5 Powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny

5 Powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny

5 Powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny

5 powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny.

Promoting a startup is a challenge always faced by newbies. Promoting not only includes to spread companies name but also to spread the services a company. Various companies help start-ups to promote their business, but they charge huge money to do that and a startup already facing funding problems has to deal with their startup promotion. Therefore there is a need for promotion cost effective.

Here are some of the 5 powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny:

1) Start with social media: Social media play an immense role in promoting your product. Post quality content on your social media page. Know what your audience wants, if you fill your audience’s needs, they are going to fill yours. Here are some of the social media platforms every startup must have their account:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Disqus
  • Quora
    And you can increase them as your business grows.

2) Target the crowd: First of all understand what kind of crowd is going to be attracted by your product. For example if you are promoting Real estate startup in college crowd, its going to take your business nowhere. Visit those places where you think you will get the quality crowd.

3) Don’t target big advertisement sites unless you have huge funding. Google AdWords, Bing Ads is one of them. First grow the quality of your product and they will automatically be attracted towards your product.

4) Blogging: Blogging will increase the power of your team. Blogging will help people involve in your product. This will increase your confidence in your product. Focus on benefits.
And Last but not the least….

5) The Quickest Way to Establish Authority and Get More Customers for Your Startup again…
Most startups often overlook an important marketing tactic. I think this is good for you because this tactic works. You should take advantage of it. You’ll be developing a deeper bond with people if you do.

People would so much like you that they’ll promote your business for free. You would become so great that you won’t do any promotion for your next startup. People will be willing to do that for you even if you don’t ask them.

I know you’re already curious. You want to know this powerful marketing secret I’m talking about. Don’t worry too much. Here’s what I’m talking about the 5 powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny:

Get on publishing platforms and start writing hard. You can also republish your blog contents on these platforms.

What are these platforms I’m talking about?
They are LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium!
These platforms are so wonderful, so amazing, and so powerful. You’ll reach a new audience when you get on them.

Raymmar Tirado is a sales consultant and a creative strategist. He re-publishes his blog articles on Medium. Below is what Tirado said in an email to Chloe Mason Gray, who is a digital marketing strategist for startups:

The traffic I get from Medium to my website has a much higher likelihood to convert [into subscribers or downloads of my e-book]… It makes logical sense then that their numbers would lead to higher conversions and engagement as opposed to someone who finds my site directly because they have already read something and want to know more. They are looking to go directly to the source and that to me is the biggest benefit of using Medium as a publishing platform.

Oliver Emberton went from an internet nobody to become a successful blogger and founder. Quora made it possible for him.

His articles have been featured on authority sites such as Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, and many more. That is because he wrote on Quora.

Below is what Oliver Emberton has to say about writing on Quora. Read it, learn from it, and use it to become a popular founder and get many thousands of customers for your startup:

Quora was what got me into writing in the first place. At the time it was just a place to hang out, a place where I found a lot of unknown but fascinating people answering the questions of strangers. I decided to try writing a few answers of my own. Quora became a very addictive game to me. Answers were rewarded with upvotes, or punished with obscurity. It soon taught me most of what I know about writing. I soon realized Quora – and writing – could open doors.

Leonard Kim was a joke who failed at everything in life before he discovered Quora.

And after he discovered Quora?

Below is what Leonard achieved:
He rebuilt his reputation and changed out his network with graduates of Ivy League colleges, business professionals, Angel Investors, startup founders, and the most brilliant people in the world. Oh, he ended up raising money and paid gigs too.

That’s Quora and Medium for you.
LinkedIn is another powerful network that has helped people get the attention they needed to succeed with their startups.

Who said you can’t take your startup from nothing to something? Who said you can’t quit your job and become a successful boss? Who said you can’t work when you like and live life to the fullest? Who’s always looking down on you? Who’s always telling you that you’re failure?

Now, go meet that person and say you’re about to do it. Tell them you’re about to become a millionaire. If you have the gut, tell them you’re about to become a billionaire.
You are about to hit the stars with your startup.

Follow all the instructions I’ve laid down in this article. That’s all you have to do about 5 powerful ways to promote your startup without a penny.
Please share this article with your friends on social media. I’m sure it will help them too.

Tell me what has been stopping you from growing your startup?

Writer: Saurabh Deswal

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